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Patient Information


Forms and Documents

For your convenience we have provided the following patient forms online so that you may read them, print them out, and complete them prior to your appointment.

Patient Information / Insurance Form
Medical History Form
Notice of Privacy Practices Form
Privacy Statement Document

If you have difficulty opening or printing these forms, please call or email our office and we will gladly send or fax them to you.



Patient Instructions

Please carefully read the following guidelines and instructions prior to your surgical procedure.

Pre-operative Guidelines

         For patients receiving local anesthesia
         For patients receiving I.V. sedation

Post-operative Guidelines

         Patient Care Following Periodontal Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is periodontal disease common and is it curable?
    A: Periodontal (gum) diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious infections that, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Periodontal diseases are very common, and are widely regarded as the second most common disease worldwide. Periodontal treatment methods vary depending upon the type and severity of the disease. Once treatment has been completed, ongoing maintenance is required to prevent recurrence.

  • Q: Do dental implants feel like natural teeth?
    A: Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling, you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

  • Q: Are implants common and do your doctors do a lot of them?
    A: Dental imlants are very common. Our doctors place several hundred implants every year. These range from single tooth replacements and short-span bridges, to full-mouth reconstruction involving multiple implants.

  • Q: How many doctors are in your practice?
    A: We have 1 doctor in our practice, Dr. Dweck.

  • Q: How long have the doctor been practicing?
    A: Dr. Dweck has been in practice since 1995.

  • Q: Where did the doctor go to school?
    A: Dr. Dweck received his DDS dental degree from the University of Buffalo and his Periodontics Certificate from the University of Virginia.

  • Q: Will my insurance cover this?
    A: Our staff will gladly submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company so that you will know what is covered by your insurance prior to your appointment.

  • Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
    A: Our office accepts cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard. All fees are due at the time services are rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Q: Do you offer payment plans?
    A: Yes, we offer affordable payment plans as a convenience to our patients. We currently provide 3-month interest free with no finance charges, or 6-9 month financing at 1.5% per month. Please contact our office to discuss financial arrangements.

  • Q: Can you use the x-rays that were just taken at my dentist's office?
    A: In most cases we are able to diagnose with recent FMX (full-mouth) or PAN (Panoramic) X-Rays.

  • Q: Can surgery be done the same day as an evaluation?
    A: In most cases we require separate visits due to variations in treatment options.

  • Q: Do you offer sedation?
    A: Yes, depending upon the procedure, Dr. Dweck offers both local anesthesia or IV sedation.

  • Q: Will I feel any pain?
    A: No, with intraveneous sedation you will remain in a deep sleep throughout the entire procedure.

  • Q: Will I be placed on a special diet?
    A: After most surgical procedures, we recommend soft, non-spicy foods for a few days.

  • Q: Once surgery is completed, do I continue care with you?
    A: Most of our patients post-surgery are placed on an alternating visit schedule between our office and your general dentist.

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